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Chapter 1: Dust

• The story begins with the idea of when the Man came to town.

• The narrator worries about Jesus judging him.

• The Preacher Man comes into town.

Chapter 2: The Hitchhiker

• The Man comes into town when the boy needs him.

• Pete sees the man everywhere he goes.

• Rufus is a confirmed atheist.

• Pete missed Vacation Bible School.

• Pete asks his parents why they never go to church.

Chapter 3: The Savior

• Pete goes to a service, and would have left if he hadn't been stuck in his spot.

• Pete begins to hunger for the Word.

• The Preacher asks Pete if he wants to be saved.

Chapter 4: The Joy

• Pete wakes up, remembering he has been saved.

• Pete tells his mother that he has been saved.

• Pete finds the Preacher Man at the drugstore.

• The Preacher Man tells Pete he should be a preacher someday.

• Pete doesn't feel comfortable...

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