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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nusswan think should happen to the people who live on the streets?

2. How many perspective wives are found for Om back in the village?

3. How is the size of the worm that passes out of Om's body described?

4. What does Rajaram want to do with his life after he moves?

5. At the end of the novel, how does Om respond when he hears that Maneck is back in town?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the reunification between Dina and Maneck transpire?

2. Why are the police called to Shankar's funeral?

3. What happens when Om begins to itch with lice?

4. How does it come to pass that the tailors begin eating dinner in the main house?

5. How is Shankar killed?

6. What do Om and Maneck do during their vacation from work?

7. What happens to Rajaram that prompts him to leave his job at the government?

8. What happens when Dina purchases a bottle of vermifuge and gives a dose to Om?

9. Why does Dina go to speak to Mrs. Gupta and what does she tell her?

10. How does the Beggarmaster know that he is related to Shankar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Maneck commits suicide at the end of the novel, his final thought is that he is happy to be holding the chess board. This thought is a bit ambiguous as to whether Maneck is feeling guilt, or if he is overwhelmed with the way that the world has turned out.

Part 1.) Argue what you believe to be the meaning to Maneck's final thoughts.

Part 2.) Argue why you think it was so important to Maneck that he is holding the chess board, especially after he spent years not taking care of it, or missing its presence.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the entire novel, Ishvar is obsessed with finding a wife for Om. Marriage is seen as a positive addition to families even when the family doesn't have the financial means to support another person.

Part 1.) Compare/Contrast the marriage between Dina and Rustom to the one between Nusswan and Ruby. What is the same about these marriages and what is different?

Part 2.) Explain why you think Ishvar's expectations for Om's wife and marriage are reasonable. How will Om's impending marriage affect the lives of everyone living in Dina's home?

Essay Topic 3

Three very powerful images within the novel are Dina's quilt, the Beggarmaster's bag of coins, and Maneck's chess set. Choose one of these images and explain what they symbolize within the novel. How does Mistry use these items to convey a particular message to his audience?

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