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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dina pour over Om's head to cure his lice?

2. Where was Maneck's roommate's body found?

3. What has been stolen from the murdered beggars that concerns the tailors?

4. What part of his body does Om lose?

5. How many rupees per week must Om and Ishvar pay the Beggarmaster in return for their freedom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the Beggarmaster killed?

2. How do the established workers at the relocation camp treat the newcomers?

3. How does the Beggarmaster know that he is related to Shankar?

4. Why does Dina go to speak to Mrs. Gupta and what does she tell her?

5. What happens to Rajaram that prompts him to leave his job at the government?

6. How does Maneck die?

7. How is Shankar killed?

8. Why does Dina lose her apartment?

9. What do Om and Maneck do during their vacation from work?

10. What happens when the debt collector visits Dina?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea of family planning and sterilization is a constant theme within the novel.

Part 1.) Explain what reasons you think the government has for wanting to sterilize villagers.

Part 2.) Explain the ways that the sterilization project spun completely out of control and the catastrophic effects that it had on individuals as well as communities. Were these outcomes intended?

Part 3.) Choose two characters and explain the ways that sterilization project most affected. How might their lives have been different if the sterilization project had never been approved by the government?

Essay Topic 2

Rajaram is a strange character who exists simply by taking things from others. Give three examples of things that Rajaram has stolen from others, and what you think the items he chooses to steal say about him as a character. Then, weigh in on the transition that happens to Rajaram after he has returned from the Himalayas. Do you believe that his character has changed? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Dina's relationship with Maneck runs the gamut of levels. There are times when she is interested in him as lover, a son, a friend.

Part 1.) Create a timeline of progression for the ways that Dina views Maneck. What seem to the be triggers that move her from one mentality to another?

Part 2.) Explain the different ways that Maneck responds to Dina's view of him. In what type of relationship does he seem to be the most interested?

Part 3.) Explain which relationship you think would be the best for Dina and Maneck. What type of relationship seems to be the healthiest? Which would most benefit the characters as individuals?

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