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Short Answer Questions

1. After the first order of 36 dresses, what does the export company request?

2. After unrest breaks out in town, what does Ashraf change the name of his shop to?

3. What is the name of Om's love interest that he meets at the water tap?

4. What were young Ishvar and his brother hit with as punishment after they broke into the upper-class school?

5. How does Maneck's father react to the new roads being built in the mountains?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dina put a padlock on the door?

2. What does Dina's collection of cloth symbolize?

3. Who is Shankar and what is significant about his body?

4. How do the passengers on the train react to the sudden halt in their travel?

5. What happens after Om is hit by the car while following Dina's taxi?

6. What happens to Om's trunk of belongings?

7. How is Dina Dalal's home described?

8. Why does Maneck say that he is going to college?

9. How do Ishvar and Om meet Maneck?

10. Why does Om rent a bicycle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are many different landscapes over which this novel takes place: the mountains, the slums, and the cities. Briefly explain what do you think each of these landscapes represents, and why do you think Mistry chose to set certain events of the novel within each of these landscapes?

Essay Topic 2

It seems that all of the characters are attempting to find their own independence in the world. Choose one character and explain what they are trying to gain their independence from, the ways that they go about seeking it, and the outcome of the efforts. Do you think that this character's results were worth the efforts?

Essay Topic 3

The societal structure set up in the novel is one of authority. It seems that most people want authority over others, and once they have it, find themselves exploiting it. Choose one relationship with the novel and explain how both authority and exploitation are large factors in the way that these two people relate. Does it seem that only one person is benefiting in the relationship, or is it possible to find a balance, even when exploitation is involved?

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