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Dina's flat - This building is where the sewing business is run from.

Vishram Vegetarian Restaurant - This building is where Ishvar and Om regularly have their tea.

Nusswan's house - This building is where Dina grew up and where she returns to later in life.

The hut in the slums - This building was flattened by the government.

The doorway of the chemist shop - This is where Ishvar and Om slept while they were homeless.

Mumtaz Tailoring - This building is where Ishvar, Om and his father, Narayan, were apprentices.

The Village - This is Ishvar and Om's hometown.

The Mountains - This is the area where Maneck and his family lived.

The General Store - This building is owned by Maneck's family.

The Emergency - This is a fabricated political situation at the time of the story.

The quilt - This is symbolic of...

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