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Essay Topic 1

Dina Dalal is described as a very tough woman. There have been many mishaps in her life that have shaped her. Describe two incidents in Dina's life that have shaped her into the independent woman that she is. Also, compare/contrast Dina's relationships with her brother Nusswan and Rustom. Which relationship do you think had a larger impact on her?

Essay Topic 2

Three very powerful images within the novel are Dina's quilt, the Beggarmaster's bag of coins, and Maneck's chess set. Choose one of these images and explain what they symbolize within the novel. How does Mistry use these items to convey a particular message to his audience?

Essay Topic 3

The final chapter of this novel is entitled "The Circle is Complete". Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Choose one of the main characters: either Dina, Maneck, Om, or Ishvar, and explain...

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