A Fine Balance Character Descriptions

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Dina Dalal

This character was widowed after just three years into a marriage to the love of her life and has shunned the idea of getting remarried, choosing instead to make a living as a tailor.

Ishvar Darji

This character was badly scarred during an accident back in the field and was left with half a frozen face, unable to show emotion.

Omprakesh Darji

This character has lived a life of a series of misfortunes; because of this, this character is crass, wild, and untidy, and is inflicted with both lice and worms.

Maneck Kohlah

This character comes from a well-off family and is spoiled and sheltered, griping about being sent away to college.

Nusswan Shroff

This character is a successful businessman, but is also hard-headed and full of tradition, preaching the merits of marriage and family.

Ashraf Chacha

This character is...

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