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Evelyn Fox Keller
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Milislav Demerec's first moves in his new position as the Director of the Department of Genetics of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, he gave Barbara a position for what length of time?

2. Keller also mentioned that Barbara suggested to us that we must have what to "hear what the material has to say to you"?

3. Evelyn Keller mentioned that Barbara told "us" that one must have the time to do what?

4. After what length of time did Demerec propose to make Barbara's position permanent at Cold Springs Harbor?

5. After Barbara's efforts were in vain to explain her discoveries she didn't talk except for the annual reports in what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Among the plants in Barbara's very first crop there was one that was particularly noteworthy. Why?

2. How did Max Delbruck put Cold Spring Harbor on the map and for whom?

3. Why was Barbara apprehensive about presenting her data at the next annual Cold Spring Harbor Symposium?

4. What were the three critical factors in Millikan's style of research that Holton cited?

5. Why did Freeman Dyson state that Richard Feynman was unable to communicate and hard to understand?

6. What did Keller say about good science and what does it need to proceed?

7. In Chapter 7, when it was mentioned that Barbara was in private upheaval, what significant event happened during that time and why was she in private upheaval?

8. What happened after Barbara delivered her talk at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium?

9. How did Barbara arrange to get an invitation to Cold Spring Harbor?

10. What happened when Lotte Auerbach from the University of Edinburgh visited Barbara in her lab at Cold Spring Harbor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the quote we read in Chapter 9, "to say someone is obscure is to put the burden of that failure in communication on the speaker" relate to Barbara McClintock? Why do you think so many people had a hard time understanding or believing in Barbara?

Essay Topic 2

During the course of her life, Barbara McClintock had to deal with a lot of prejudices just because she was a woman. How would her life have been different had she been a man? Do you think she ever regretted the fact that she was a woman? Why or why not? Do you think women today still face certain barriers and "glass ceilings"? Explain your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 12, Evelyn Keller asks the question, "What enabled McClintock to see further and deeper into the mysteries of genetics than her colleagues?" She then answers with words from Barbara. In your own words describe how Barbara answered this question and then also answer the question from your own point of view after reading the book.

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