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Evelyn Fox Keller
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Demerec summing up by the words, "Ten years ago they were visualized as fixed units with precise boundaries?"

2. In 1941, how many geneticists did Cold Spring Harbor draw?

3. Keller states in Chapter 12 that good science cannot proceed without what?

4. Who was the theoretical physicist who was trained by Niels Bohr?

5. In the mutant seedlings that Barbara had grown, what could be seen that didn't belong?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 7, when it was mentioned that Barbara was in private upheaval, what significant event happened during that time and why was she in private upheaval?

2. Among the plants in Barbara's very first crop there was one that was particularly noteworthy. Why?

3. What did Barbara feel was an organism that was especially unappreciated and why?

4. What happened when Lotte Auerbach from the University of Edinburgh visited Barbara in her lab at Cold Spring Harbor?

5. During the time of the 1960s and 1970s what new honors did Barbara recieve from the larger world of biology?

6. What happened after Barbara delivered her talk at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium?

7. What difference did Milislav Demerec observe about the symposium papers from 1941 compared to the papers from 1951?

8. What were some of the reasons that Cold Spring Harbor was appealing to scientists during the summer?

9. In the early twentieth century what kind of science did biology transform into and what kind of science had it been before that?

10. What did George Beadle tell Warren Weaver of the Rockefeller Foundation about Barbara's visit to Stanford?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book we learn and read about times in science when there were surprises because the implied ideas weren't met. What were some of these surprises that Barbara or others met? How did these surprises help Barbara's work? Did some of these surprises hinder Barbara's progression in her work?

Essay Topic 2

Explain Rudolf Arnheim's words he wrote in Art and Visual Perception saying, "the realm of the unconscious could never enter our experience without the reflection of perceivable things." How does this quote relate to the life of Barbara McClintock?

Essay Topic 3

This book was a biography written by Evelyn Keller, therefore it's a book about Barbara McClintock that was written by someone else. How do you think this book would have been different if McClintock would have written it herself? What are some events or people that you think would have been described differently had McClintock written the book herself? Explain your answers and use specific information from the book to support your views

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