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Jenni Ogden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since when have people lived in Shetland?
(a) 2,900 BC.
(b) 3,400 BC.
(c) 4,100 BC.
(d) 1,900 BC.

2. What jewelry does Anna buy for Pat in Chapter 23?
(a) Bracelet.
(b) Ring.
(c) Necklace.
(d) Earrings.

3. About how long is the creature that Tom takes Anna to see in Chapter 14?
(a) 2 meters.
(b) About 3.5 meters.
(c) 5 meters.
(d) At least 3 meters.

4. How many years were Pat and her husband married?
(a) 38.
(b) 36.
(c) 41.
(d) 31.

5. What is the name of the town Anna drives to in Chapter 17?
(a) Wesburn.
(b) Dixons Creek.
(c) Gruyere.
(d) Healesville.

6. What does Anna feed Morrie in Chapter 19?
(a) Pancakes and bacon.
(b) Vegetable soup.
(c) Eggs and bacon.
(d) Poached eggs and toast.

7. In Chapter 21, how long is the grant for that is offered to Anna?
(a) 2 years.
(b) 18 months.
(c) 30 months.
(d) 1 year.

8. When Kirsty brings Hamish to stay with Anna, how long will Kirsty be gone?
(a) 2 weeks.
(b) 4 weeks.
(c) 6 weeks.
(d) 8 weeks.

9. In Chapter 25, where is Tom?
(a) Canberra.
(b) Perth.
(c) Sydney.
(d) Melbourne.

10. About how many nights a week does Anna spend in Tom's bed?
(a) 3.
(b) 5.
(c) 4.
(d) 2.

11. At the beginning of Chapter 17, who does Anna email?
(a) Violet.
(b) Fran.
(c) Pat.
(d) Tom.

12. Where does Anna remember going on a vacation with her mother and Aunt Jane two years after her father died?
(a) Bath.
(b) London.
(c) Lake District.
(d) Brighton.

13. What is the name of a lecturer that Fran's husband has an affair with?
(a) Zoe Walters.
(b) Cassandra Richards.
(c) Aimee Philipps.
(d) Sandra Molton.

14. In Chapter 26, how long does Tom think he will need to stay in Sidney to help her mother?
(a) 2 to 3 weeks.
(b) 4 or 5 weeks.
(c) 3 or 4 weeks.
(d) 1 or 2 weeks.

15. How long before Anna's planned departure, does she see Tom has returned in Chapter 26?
(a) 5 days.
(b) 17 days.
(c) 10 days.
(d) 11 days.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much older is Magnus than Anna?

2. How much younger is Anna's husband than her mother?

3. What is the name of the cemetery where Tom's father is buried?

4. How old was Anna's father when he ran away from home?

5. What is the capital of Shetland?

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