A Drop in the Ocean Short Essay - Answer Key

Jenni Ogden
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1. Where does Anna go for breakfast on her birthday, and what does she have?

Every birthday for the last 15 years, Anna has gone to an Italian cafe in downtown Boston. She has Eggs Benedict with salmon, a slice of homemade wholemeal bread spread with marmalade, and two espressos.

2. Who is Fran Fenton?

Fran is Anna's friend from their first year a medical school. Fran is American, extroverted, and five feet two inches tall. She is married with three teenagers. She works three days a week as a general practitioner. Her husband is an English professor.

3. What advertisement does Fran show Anna in Chapter 1?

Fran shows Anna an advertisement for a place she believes Anna should go. There is a basic cabin for rent on a coral island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. It costs $250 a week. The tenant must agree to stay for a year and look after a small private campsite. The cabin is available October 2008.

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