A Drop in the Ocean Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Jenni Ogden
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1. On which birthday does Anna's career come to an end?


2. When is Anna's birthday?

April 6.

3. In Chapter 1, hoiw many novels has Rachel given Anna?


4. How long has Anna been researching Huntington's disease?

15 years.

5. Where has Anna spent her time doing her research?


6. How much does it costs to stay on the island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef?

$250 a week.

7. What is the pen name of the guy who is renting a cabin on Turtle Island?


8. How old was Anna the last time she saw coral sea?


9. In Chapter 2, what is the name of the fisherman who takes Anna to Turtle Island?


10. What type of boat is used for the turtle rodeo?


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