Objects & Places from A Drop in the Ocean

Jenni Ogden
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These symbolize the relationship Anna had with the woman who gave birth to her. They represent the sacrifices women make for their children.

Turtle Island

This is where Anna goes to spend a year. It symbolizes new beginnings and new life.


This is where Anna’s mother and stepfather live. It is a place of history and the type of place Anna always wanted to visit.

Huntington’s Disease

This is a debilitating illness that is genetic. It represents losing control.


This is something that bothers Anna in her relationship with Tom. She realizes that it represents experience, not a loss of time.

Lost Cay

This is an uninhabited island where research is conducted. It is a place where Anna grows and embraces new life.

Cyclone Hamish

This is nasty weather that comes to the island. Though it brings death, it also brings life.

New Year’s Party

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