A Drop in the Ocean Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jenni Ogden
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Essay Topic 1

The author provides background information in various ways. How does the author provide background information in the novel? Does inserting information about Anna’s past interrupt the narrative? How do the author's choices of how to relate and describe Anna's childhood affect the narration and the plot?

Essay Topic 2

The novel takes place in several different locations. Does the settings serve as a backdrop for characters or nearly take on the role of a character?

Essay Topic 3

The novel takes place in Boston, Turtle Island, and Shetland. How do the various setting evoke feelings or set the tone in the book?

Essay Topic 4

Point of view influences a story. What is the point of view of A Drop in the Ocean? How does the point of view determine how readers interpret the story and various characters?

Essay Topic 5

Anna delivers Kirsty’s baby during a cyclone...

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