A Drop in the Ocean Character Descriptions

Jenni Ogden
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This character is the narrator in the novel. She is a 49-year-old neuroscientist studying Huntington’s disease, who lives in Boston. She goes to live on an island on the Great Barrier Reef when she loses her research grant.


This character is a researcher who lives on Turtle Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. He loves field work, but not academic life. His family has the Huntington’s gene.


This character is a widow living in her old vacation home. She is in her 60s, but seems much younger. She is diagnosed with breast cancer.


This character is the narrator’s father and best friend. He died when the narrator was 12.


This character is a 19-year-old camper on Turtle Island, who is having a working holiday. She has her baby on the island during a cyclone.


This character is born on Turtle Island...

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