A Dog's Way Home Short Essay - Answer Key

W. Bruce Cameron
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1. Why is the narrative style of this novel unique?

The narrative in A Dog's Way Home is related from the first-person perspective of Bella, a young stray dog. This makes the narrative unique, in that Bella reflects a dog's point of view on subjects she does not understand while the reader does.

2. Where was Bella born and where did she spend her early youth?

Bella was born in a crawlspace under a dilapidated row of houses that are set to be demolished. The crawlspace is home to a colony of feral cats and kittens whom Bella spends her youth with.

3. What happens to Bella's family when she is a puppy? Who cares for her after they are gone?

Bella's mother and siblings are taken by "exterminators" who come to eradicate the cats in the crawlspace. She is presumably adopted out or killed. Bella is then cared for by Mother Cat, a feral cat who allows Bella to nurse.

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