Objects & Places from A Dog's Way Home

W. Bruce Cameron
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This setting is where Bella is born and lives with Lucas until she is relocated due to local breed discrimination laws.


This event brings Bella into the lives of Gavin, Taylor, and Dutch.

Go Home

It is in her pursuit of obeying this command that drives Bella's journey in the novel.

Lucas Blanket

Bella laments leaving behind this cherished item when she runs away from her foster home with Loretta and Jose. It represents her love for her owner.

Axel's Belongings

These objects are trashed by drunken teenagers at one point in the novel. However, the teens are forced to replace the items and apologize for their behavior.

VA Hospital

This setting in the novel is where Bella forms many friendships and serves as an emotional support animal to those in need.


This mental illness is repeatedly examined through several characters in the novel including...

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