A Dog's Way Home Character Descriptions

W. Bruce Cameron
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This first-person narrator of the novel is also its protagonist. She is a mixed-breed dog who was born in a feral cat colony.


This character is a 24-year-old pre-med student when he is introduced in the beginning of the novel. He feeds a feral cat colony and takes in the protagonist as his pet.


This character is a veteran of the armed forces who served in Afghanistan. She suffers from PTSD and grand mal seizures.


This character works at a VA hospital in Denver. By the end of the novel, she is engaged to be married to the protagonist's owner.

Mother Cat

This character is the first who takes the protagonist into her care after the protagonist's mother is taken by animal control or exterminators.


This character is a building developer who serves as an antagonist in the first half of the novel. He...

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