A Dog's Purpose Character Descriptions

W. Bruce Cameron
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This is the main character, a puppy born to a feral mother who lives with her puppies in a den among the roots of a large tree by a creek.


This character is a white-haired woman who keeps too many dogs in a yard surrounded by a tall wooden fence.


This is a feral dog with four puppies who tries to teach them to fear humans, to forage for food from garbage bags behind houses, and to evade cars and trucks.


This character is Toby's brother who plays with his sister most of the time.


This character is Toby's sickly brother who never seems to get enough food, sleeps most of the time, and dies young.


This character is Toby's only female sibling who avoids capture by the truck at first but is captured later and put in the Yard.

Carlos and Bobby

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