A Dog's Purpose Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. Bruce Cameron
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Chapters 1 - 4

• This is a book about a dog who goes through four reincarnations.

• These first four chapters deal with the first lifetime of the main character, Toby. He is a mutt with three siblings and a feral mother.

• The first impression Toby has is of the fuzzy bodies of his three siblings and the wonderful, long tongue of his mother.

• Mother tries to teach them to fear humans.
• One day a truck drives slowly up and down the road as if searching for them; all are caught, except Sister.

• A woman with long, white hair, Senora, picks up Toby; she exudes love and friendliness.

• They are put in a large fenced-in yard with many other dogs of all sizes and ages.

• Senora gives Toby his name.

• Once in the yard, Toby gets to know the hierarchy.
• His mother escapes one night, and he follows her but is...

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