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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ezr learns that the majority of senior crew members who were not killed in the attack are being held in what, in Chapter Nine?
(a) Jail cells.
(b) Handcuffs.
(c) Coldsleep.
(d) Contempt of court.

2. Who questions Ezr's loyalty to the Qeng Ho in Chapter Ten?
(a) Hrunkner Unnerby.
(b) Gonle Fong.
(c) Thomas Nau.
(d) Jimmy Diem.

3. What member of one of the families that owns interest in the Qeng Ho expedition is working as an apprentice Trader when the ships reach Arachna?
(a) Thomas Nau.
(b) Gonle Fong.
(c) Jimmy Diem.
(d) Ezr Vinh.

4. Where do the inhabitants of Arachna live while the sun is turned off?
(a) Inside ice caves.
(b) On webs they wove among the surface.
(c) Underground.
(d) In trees.

5. In Chapter Ten, Ezr makes a show of demanding obedience to the Emergents' demands for Qeng Ho crewmembers to work doing what in preparation of the mining effort?
(a) Digging a tunnel.
(b) Stabilizing a rock pile.
(c) Crushing ore.
(d) Building machinery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jimmy's team find on board the Far Treasure in Chapter Twelve?

2. What two youngsters pop up out of the fur on Sherkaner's back when Unnerby visits in Chapter Eighteen?

3. Which of the Spiders becomes crazed with fear and dies in Chapter Eight?

4. Pham Nuwen has the idea to create a race of what in Chapter Seventeen?

5. In Chapter Three, Ezr's group finds what appears to be the remains of what structure in Arachna?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Pham Trilini? How is he described in the first chapters of the book?

2. Whose voice did Ezr hear just before the explosion of the Far Treasure? What does he consider about what was said?

3. Who is Thomas Nau and how did he come to his position in the mission?

4. What does the term "focused" mean in the context of the book?

5. What family does Sherkaner learn about from his former teacher in Chapter Four?

6. How are the parks described in Chapters Ten and Eleven?

7. Who explains the use of "mindrot" to Ezr in Chapter Ten? How is it related to "focus"?

8. How is Arachna described in the book? What periods of time are in darkness there and why?

9. What is cycling in relation to Spider reproduction?

10. How do the Emergents differ from the Qeng Ho in their exploration of other planets?

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