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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who notes that he's probably the only person who knows what happened to Jimmy Diem's crew, other than the murderers, and pledges to avenge that group in Chapter Twenty-Five?
(a) Ezr Vinh.
(b) Thomas Nau.
(c) Pham Trilini.
(d) Jimmy Diem.

2. What man assigned to oversee the focused linguists during the translation rushes back to face Thomas Nau, knowing that he's going to be blamed for not providing adequate oversight in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Benny Wen.
(b) Trud.
(c) Captain Park.
(d) Jimmy Diem.

3. Who becomes violent and strikes the woman who was translating the words of Pedure in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Ezr Vinh.
(b) Ali Lin.
(c) Gonle Fong.
(d) Trixia Bronsol.

4. In Chapter Forty-One, Unnerby visits Sherkaner and learns that who has enlisted in the military?
(a) Pedure.
(b) Brent.
(c) Victory Junior.
(d) Gokna.

5. In Chapter Twenty-One, Qiwi discovers that Ezr is going to be in cold sleep for how long?
(a) 4 years.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 10 years.
(d) 6 years.

6. In Chapter Thirty-Seven, Pham thinks back, remembering when he'd been involved with a young military man named what?
(a) Ritsel Brughel.
(b) Sammy Park.
(c) Sura Vinh.
(d) Jimmy Diem.

7. In Chapter Thirty-Nine, Pham discovers that what woman he'd loved was behind the plot to eliminate his plans?
(a) Sura Vinh.
(b) Trixia Bronsol.
(c) Victory Smith.
(d) Director Ann Reynolt.

8. In Chapter Thirty-Four, Ezr sees Qiwi and realizes that she's grown into what?
(a) A vicious monarch.
(b) An evil matriarch.
(c) A beautiful woman.
(d) A Spider.

9. Who argues that Spiders don't need to go through a Dark in order to have a soul in the debate in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Sherkaner.
(b) Director Ann Reynolt.
(c) Ezr Vinh.
(d) Thomas Nau.

10. In Chapter Twenty-Three, there is extensive discussion about the idea of the "perversion" of having children how amongst the Spiders?
(a) Before marriage.
(b) As twins.
(c) In public.
(d) Out of cycle.

11. What was recently discovered in the Kindred region of control in Chapter Forty-One?
(a) A slave-trading post.
(b) Diamond mines.
(c) Computer discs.
(d) Magic rock flour.

12. In Chapter Thirty, who learns that those listening to Spider broadcasts have discovered where the children are being held, even though the Spiders themselves are unable to figure it out?
(a) Victory Smith.
(b) Trixia Bronsol.
(c) Ezr Vinh.
(d) Thomas Nau.

13. What child of Sherkaner's does Pedure call a cretin in Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Brent.
(b) Trud.
(c) Pedure.
(d) Gokna.

14. In Chapter Twenty-One, Thomas Nau has to hollow out a cave in one of the orbiting what?
(a) Meteors.
(b) Planets.
(c) Diamonds.
(d) Wormholes.

15. Who are outside their home playing in snow in the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Seven?
(a) Trud and Pedure.
(b) Pedure and Gokna.
(c) Victory Junior and Brent.
(d) Gokna and Trud.

Short Answer Questions

1. What redheaded problem-solver of sorts has been focused in Chapter Twenty-Two?

2. Who is caught eavesdropping and sent away before she can hear more of her parents' argument in Chapter Twenty-Five?

3. On the main ship, Ezr encounters who and is angry because she is behind the broadcast translations that led to the fight in Chapter Twenty-Five?

4. In Chapter Thirty-Two, the children have been free for about how long?

5. In Chapter Twenty-Five, Ezr watches as Ann Reynolt and others treat who and others who suddenly seem out of control?

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