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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ezr Vinh refer to Qiwi Lin Lisolet as in the novel?
(a) The joker.
(b) Smartypants.
(c) Bumblebee.
(d) The Brat.

2. In Chapter Seven, what elderly Qeng Ho is on the captain's bridge?
(a) Ezr Vinh.
(b) Director Ann Reynolt.
(c) Pham Trilini.
(d) Benny Wen.

3. Some of the Qeng Ho people are reportedly being held hostage above a ship called what in Chapter Ten?
(a) The Star Gazer.
(b) Loula May III.
(c) Ticket to Adventure.
(d) The Far Treasure.

4. On the surface in Chapter Eleven, Jimmy and several members of his crew work while planning an attack on what?
(a) The On/Off Star.
(b) The Far Treasure.
(c) The Spider Nations.
(d) The Mine.

5. From whom does Sherkaner rent a room for the night in Chapter Four?
(a) A retired doctor.
(b) A former teacher.
(c) A farmer.
(d) A mechanic.

6. During the relighting of the On/Off Star in Chapter Eleven, who has ideas for the job but is forced to remain on board while Jimmy handles the project?
(a) Ali.
(b) Kira.
(c) Pham.
(d) Qiwi.

7. In Chapter Three, Ezr's group finds what appears to be the remains of what structure in Arachna?
(a) A bank.
(b) A prison.
(c) A library.
(d) A computer factory.

8. In Chapter Nineteen, the Spiders are how far through their Light years?
(a) Three fourths.
(b) One third.
(c) Halfway.
(d) Two thirds.

9. Who tells Ezr that he's to become the new fleet manager for the Qeng Ho in Chapter Nine?
(a) Director Ann Reynolt.
(b) Jimmy Diem.
(c) Trixia Bronsol.
(d) Thomas Nau.

10. What does Sherkaner tell the person he rents a room from he is considering doing in Chapter Four?
(a) Leaving town.
(b) Enlisting in the military.
(c) Commiting suicide.
(d) Finding a job.

11. Who questions Ezr's loyalty to the Qeng Ho in Chapter Ten?
(a) Gonle Fong.
(b) Thomas Nau.
(c) Hrunkner Unnerby.
(d) Jimmy Diem.

12. Which of the Spiders becomes crazed with fear and dies in Chapter Eight?
(a) Gokna.
(b) Brent.
(c) Trud.
(d) Gil.

13. In Chapter Eighteen, how many years pass though most of the crew members spend a great deal of time in cold sleep?
(a) 8.
(b) 3.
(c) 10.
(d) 13.

14. What member of the Qeng Ho is a linguistics expert, and her task as one of the focused is to learn all she can about the Spiders?
(a) Victory Smith.
(b) Captain Park.
(c) Trixia Bronsol.
(d) Qiwi Linsolet.

15. Who seems to be a Programmer-at-Arms of the Qeng Ho, and is seen as a bumbling old guy who has few responsibilities and little skill or talent in Chapter One?
(a) Luan.
(b) Ali Lin.
(c) Kira.
(d) Pham Trilini.

Short Answer Questions

1. What group in the novel is domineering and can't imagine establishing relationships based on anything other than enforced slavery?

2. Where is Sherkaner headed in Chapter Four?

3. What is the name of Qiwi Lisolet's father?

4. What is the name of the sun that turns itself off periodically and produces extreme temperatures on the planet Arachna?

5. Who has medical casts on all his left legs when he and Sherkaner meet for the first time?

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