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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sherkaner's last name?
(a) Smith.
(b) Overland.
(c) Underhill.
(d) Rodgers.

2. Who has Sherkaner married in Chapter Fourteen?
(a) Trixia Bronsol.
(b) Victory Smith.
(c) Jimmy Diem.
(d) He has not married.

3. Who is the Qeng Ho leader in Chapter One?
(a) Captain Park.
(b) Trixia Bronsol.
(c) Benny Wen.
(d) Ezr Vinh.

4. In Chapter Sixteen, Ritsel briefs Thomas on specific issues and accuses Qiwi of what?
(a) Treason.
(b) Arson.
(c) Hearsay.
(d) Subversion.

5. In Chapter Ten, Ezr makes a show of demanding obedience to the Emergents' demands for Qeng Ho crewmembers to work doing what in preparation of the mining effort?
(a) Building machinery.
(b) Stabilizing a rock pile.
(c) Crushing ore.
(d) Digging a tunnel.

6. Who seems to be a Programmer-at-Arms of the Qeng Ho, and is seen as a bumbling old guy who has few responsibilities and little skill or talent in Chapter One?
(a) Ali Lin.
(b) Luan.
(c) Kira.
(d) Pham Trilini.

7. Lands Command is where the Spiders conduct their most serious what?
(a) Worship.
(b) Tortures.
(c) Business meetings.
(d) Research projects.

8. What group in the novel is domineering and can't imagine establishing relationships based on anything other than enforced slavery?
(a) The Liberators.
(b) The Emergents.
(c) The Qeng Ho.
(d) The Jong Da.

9. How long is Arachna's sun off during every 250-year cycle?
(a) 200 years.
(b) 215 years.
(c) 155 years.
(d) 190 years.

10. What is the name of the section of the ship where the waste is handled?
(a) Bactry.
(b) Septicary.
(c) Incinerator.
(d) Poop deck.

11. What was the home planet of Pham Nuwen?
(a) Frandicine.
(b) Canberra.
(c) Sagarphen.
(d) Marmotia.

12. Who asks for Ezr's insight in deciding how to deal with the Emergents in Chapter Two?
(a) Thomas Nau.
(b) Captain Park.
(c) Pham Trilini.
(d) Director Ann Reynolt.

13. Some of the Qeng Ho people are reportedly being held hostage above a ship called what in Chapter Ten?
(a) Ticket to Adventure.
(b) The Star Gazer.
(c) Loula May III.
(d) The Far Treasure.

14. In Chapter Twelve, the Relight is causing all sorts of problems, and what are floating near several of the ships?
(a) Rocks.
(b) Satellites.
(c) Enemy ships.
(d) Ice chunks.

15. Ezr learns in Chapter Ten that the pain he'd felt was a virus given to many of the Qeng Ho, designed to do what?
(a) Make them insane.
(b) Destroy bones and joints.
(c) Keep them incapacitated.
(d) Blind them.

Short Answer Questions

1. The inhabitants of Arachna are referred to as what?

2. What does Sherkaner tell the person he rents a room from he is considering doing in Chapter Four?

3. From whom does Sherkaner rent a room for the night in Chapter Four?

4. What two youngsters pop up out of the fur on Sherkaner's back when Unnerby visits in Chapter Eighteen?

5. In Chapter Nineteen, the Spiders are how far through their Light years?

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