A Deepness in the Sky Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who are the Qeng Ho people, and what principle goal do they have as described in Chapter One?

The Qeng Ho are traders and tend to search for ways of establishing trading agreements wherever they are. This second nature becomes evident later when the Qeng Ho are basically forced into servitude but still manage to find ways of creating underground trading networks.

2. How do the Emergents differ from the Qeng Ho in their exploration of other planets?

The Emergents, on the other hand, are domineering and can't imagine establishing relationships based on anything other than enforced slavery. This gives the Emergents an upper hand in one respect, because the Qeng Ho aren't willing to fight until they're provoked.

3. How is Arachna described in the book? What periods of time are in darkness there and why?

The region of the planet Arachna is provided light and warmth only about thirty-five years out of every cycle of two hundred fifty years. The sun is called the "On/Off Star" and it literally turns itself off for two hundred fifteen of every two hundred fifty-year cycle. The inhabitants of the planet are Spiders.

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