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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9 through 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Sixteen, Ritsel says that he believes the mission can be accomplished sooner if they do what?
(a) Enslave at least 3 Spider nations.
(b) Take over at least one Spider nation.
(c) Eradicate every Spider nation.
(d) Make peace with the Spider nations.

2. In Chapter Eighteen, the Spiders have made progress on the rebuilding that has to occur, including the completion of the what?
(a) Stadium.
(b) Church.
(c) University.
(d) Hospital.

3. In Chapter Sixteen, Ritsel briefs Thomas on specific issues and accuses Qiwi of what?
(a) Subversion.
(b) Treason.
(c) Hearsay.
(d) Arson.

4. Who tells Ezr that he's to become the new fleet manager for the Qeng Ho in Chapter Nine?
(a) Thomas Nau.
(b) Jimmy Diem.
(c) Trixia Bronsol.
(d) Director Ann Reynolt.

5. In Chapter Nineteen, the Spiders are how far through their Light years?
(a) One third.
(b) Three fourths.
(c) Two thirds.
(d) Halfway.

Short Answer Questions

1. What refers to the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and do useful work?

2. On the surface in Chapter Eleven, Jimmy and several members of his crew work while planning an attack on what?

3. Why are the Qeng Ho operating with less technology than usual in Chapter Ten?

4. How old is Qiwi Lin Lisolet when her family and the Qeng Ho arrive at the On/Off Star?

5. Ezr learns in Chapter Ten that the pain he'd felt was a virus given to many of the Qeng Ho, designed to do what?

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