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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Widow Bascom give Robert in exchange for his help?
(a) A new Bible
(b) Some marbles
(c) Gingersnaps and buttermilk
(d) A dime

2. What does Ira tell Robert about the calves he helped deliver?
(a) They are grown oxen
(b) They ran away
(c) They are albinos
(d) They have died

3. What does Papa mean when he tells Robert they should go "get it done."
(a) Slaughter Pinky
(b) Sell Pinky
(c) Breed Pinky
(d) Let Pinky run free

4. What does Mr. Tanner say about Pinky's offspring?
(a) They will be grey, not pink
(b) They will be adorable
(c) They will be larger than average
(d) They will produce enough income to pay off the farm

5. What is in the grave with a small coffin?
(a) A treasure chest
(b) A toy
(c) Two other small coffins
(d) A large coffin

6. How is Robert awakened in the middle of the night in Chapter 8?
(a) Pinky's squeals
(b) A thunderstorm
(c) An intruder
(d) His mother calling his name

7. What does Robert realize about the three people who love him aside from his parents?
(a) They are entrepreneurs
(b) They are all Baptists
(c) They are kind
(d) They are wealthy

8. What does Pinky do that embarrasses Robert?
(a) Soils Mrs. Tanner's dress
(b) Eats Mrs. Tanner's lunch
(c) Knocks over a lemonade stand
(d) Runs into the show ring

9. What are Papa and Robert unable to do on this morning?
(a) Milk the cows
(b) Say prayers
(c) Go to town
(d) Finish breakfast

10. What is the purpose of what father wants to do to the neighbor's dog?
(a) Make the dog a good hunting dog
(b) Make the dog hate weasels
(c) Make the dog regret coming to his farm
(d) Give the dog a good home

11. Who encouraged Mr. Tanner to take Robert to the fair?
(a) Papa
(b) Mama
(c) Widow Bascom
(d) Aunt Carrie

12. Which of the following is a person who does not necessarily love Robert more than anyone in the world?
(a) Mr. Tanner
(b) The minister
(c) Aunt Mattie
(d) Mrs. Tanner

13. Pinky must be slaughtered because there is not enough food and ____________________.
(a) The family is hungry for pork
(b) The farm has been sold
(c) The family can't afford to feed her
(d) Papa is ill

14. Papa tells Robert that both dying and ________________ are dirty business.
(a) Living
(b) Branding
(c) Farming
(d) Being born

15. What are the names of Mr. Tanner's horses?
(a) Polka Dot and Zig Zag
(b) Quaker Lady and Quaker Gent
(c) Frick and Frack
(d) Princess Elizabeth and Princess Sarah

Short Answer Questions

1. What Shaker belief overshadows Robert's happiness at the prospect of paying off the farm?

2. Whose voice does Robert not hear coming from downstairs?

3. Jack informs his parents that Pinky _____________________.

4. What does Papa tell Robert that desecrate a grave means?

5. What is the name of Mr. Tanner's boar?

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