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Lao Toai-Toai Ning
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lao do when Mantze is 15?
(a) Left the home of her employer.
(b) Moved Mantze out of her school.
(c) Kept Mantze's new job.
(d) Divorced her husband.

2. Where did Chang the Chen T'ai's Third and Fourth Mistresses live while Lao is in service?
(a) At his house.
(b) With the servants.
(c) At another house.
(d) In an apartment.

3. What kind of man was Chang the Chen T'ai?
(a) A loyal patrolman.
(b) A dishonest businessman.
(c) A high military official.
(d) A greedy chef.

4. What did Li Yuntze do with a pair of shoes entrusted to him?
(a) Sells them.
(b) Burns them.
(c) Fixes them.
(d) Wears them.

5. What did Lao believe is the only thing a woman has?
(a) Her own hands.
(b) Equal rights.
(c) A family of her own.
(d) A well-kept home.

6. While working for Mrs. Burns, how did Lao keep her house?
(a) She trusts Mantze to care for it.
(b) She does not have a house.
(c) She never cleans it.
(d) She spends a great deal of money on it.

7. In 1899, who leased the house Lao lives in?
(a) Lao.
(b) Mantze.
(c) Lao's husband.
(d) Mrs. Burns.

8. How did Lao feel about scolding?
(a) She disliked constant and unforgiving scolding.
(b) She distrusted her mistress who scolded her.
(c) She ignored the scolding so it would go away.
(d) She never understood her scoldings.

9. During the New Year's holiday of 1895, what did the Japanese do?
(a) Visit the area.
(b) Bomb the city.
(c) Warn the country.
(d) Spread disease.

10. How doid Mantze charm the Third Mistress?
(a) Mantze brushes her hair.
(b) Mantze reads to her.
(c) Mantze cleans her room.
(d) Mantze tells her she wants to be with her.

11. What kind of demands did Chinese families have for their maids?
(a) They demand more without paying more.
(b) They have standard demands-the same everywhere.
(c) They have fewer demands of their maids than foreign missionaries.
(d) They are willing to pay more when they demand more.

12. What did Mantze's husband think about his wedding?
(a) There is not enough money for it.
(b) He loves it.
(c) There are too many people in attendance.
(d) He did not get good gifts.

13. How many wives did Chang the Chen T'ai have?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Four.

14. In 1901, what happened to Li Yuntze?
(a) He was locked away to cure him of his opium addiction.
(b) He started bringing food home to Lao.
(c) He tried to file for a divorce.
(d) He spoke to the police.

15. In 1899, where did Lao's husband live?
(a) With Lao.
(b) At his employer's house.
(c) With Mantze's cousin.
(d) On the streets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Lao witness in Newchang?

2. Who nurses Lao and Mantze's babies?

3. What benefit does Lao say she has from working for a Chinese family?

4. What was Ch'ien Lao-yeh qualified as?

5. After Lao delivered a son, what happened to her husband?

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