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Lao Toai-Toai Ning
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Lao when she was seven?
(a) Her brother was born.
(b) Her family bound her feet.
(c) Her father died.
(d) Her mother began working outside the home.

2. What sort of events happened in the village, according to Lao?
(a) Commonplace.
(b) Extraordinary.
(c) Dangerous.
(d) Boring.

3. Where was Lao born?
(a) India.
(b) P'englai.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Laos.

4. What did Lao do for the old woman who fed her?
(a) Tended her garden.
(b) Paid her.
(c) Nursed her until her death.
(d) Gave her Lao's mother's leftover medicine.

5. How did Wen Chuan's schooling affect him?
(a) It gave him an inflated ego.
(b) It made him prepared for life.
(c) It made him ill prepared for life.
(d) It provided an opportunity to do opium.

6. What information concerning stories and legends does Lao state about a wild goose?
(a) The goose cannot be around a cat.
(b) A goose walking through a house fortells a robbery.
(c) A goose landing in a courtyard means an increase in fortune.
(d) The goose drowned.

7. Why did neighbors criticize Lao's mother?
(a) She beat her children.
(b) Her husband cooked better than she.
(c) She did not understand the need to save money.
(d) Her kids ran wild.

8. What did the Chu family own?
(a) Stocks.
(b) A garden.
(c) Boats.
(d) Machines.

9. What kind of cook was Lao's father?
(a) He never cooks.
(b) A terrible cook.
(c) A wonderful cook.
(d) He can only make rice.

10. What did the neighbors do concerning Lao and Fats'ai's mother's relationship after Fats'ai's death?
(a) Found Fats'ai's mother another child.
(b) Sent Fats'ai's mother away.
(c) Took Fats'ai's mother to a hospital.
(d) Made Lao watch Fats'ai's mother.

11. Who lived with Lao at her husband's house?
(a) Only her husband.
(b) Another family.
(c) The wife of her husband's cousin.
(d) Lao's sister.

12. Why did Yintze's parents react in such a way as Yintze left their visits?
(a) The parents felt as if they could do nothing.
(b) The parents knew she should return home.
(c) The parents wanted to feed Yintze more food.
(d) The parents disliked visiting with Yintze.

13. Whom did Fats'ai's mother blame for his death?
(a) Herself.
(b) Her employer.
(c) Liu-Yi-tze.
(d) Lao.

14. At 13, what did Lao's parents do to her?
(a) Changed the length of her dresses.
(b) Changed her bedroom.
(c) Changed her hairstyle.
(d) Changed her to smaller shoes.

15. How did Lao and Fats'ai's mother's relationship change after Fats'ai's death?
(a) Fats'ai's mother refused to speak to Lao.
(b) Fats'ai's mother took care of Lao's children.
(c) Fats'ai's mother continually quarreled with Lao.
(d) Fats'ai's mother relied on Lao.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Fats'ai?

2. How long did the wife of Liu-Yi-tze's cousin stay with Lao?

3. How did Lao describe the village of her husband overall?

4. Who raised Lao's father?

5. What eventually happened to Fats'ali's mother?

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