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Raymond E. Feist
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of Guy's former officers are at Highcastle?
(a) 4.
(b) 2.
(c) 5.
(d) 1.

2. Where does Arutha suggest that a merchant go that they meet on their way to Sethanon?
(a) Malac's Cross.
(b) Trailor's Cove.
(c) High Reaches.
(d) Bishop's Point.

3. Who raised Gamina before she was brought to Stardock?
(a) Gavorkin.
(b) Macros.
(c) Salamon.
(d) Rogen the blind seer.

4. When Pug pauses in his efforts to shift the Garden back in time, how fast is the Garden moving back in time?
(a) 100 years a second.
(b) 500 years a second.
(c) 300-400 years a second.
(d) 200-300 years a second.

5. What color is the light of the Enemy?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Black.
(c) Gold.
(d) Red.

6. How many trolls and goblins do Guy, Arutha, and the others kill during their first attack, after they leave the city?
(a) 4 trolls and 2 goblins.
(b) 5 each.
(c) 3 each.
(d) 6 trolls and 8 goblins.

7. Who is counting the number of bowmen that Guy and his men have?
(a) The moredhel.
(b) The goblins.
(c) The Black Slayers.
(d) The trolls.

8. Pug experiences a sense of panoramic awareness when he links his mind with Macros. When has Pug experienced this before?
(a) Upon the Tower of Testing.
(b) At Elvander.
(c) At Stardock.
(d) In the City of Forever.

9. What type of fire does Murmandamus set loose upon the walls?
(a) White fire.
(b) Golden fire.
(c) Scarlet fire.
(d) Orange fire.

10. How many soldiers can be held by the giant siege towers that look like giant spiders from a distance?
(a) 75-150.
(b) 200-300 soldiers.
(c) 50-100.
(d) 500-600.

11. When Martin and the others reach a narrow pass on their way to Stone Mountain, who guards the pass?
(a) Goblins.
(b) Mountain Trolls.
(c) Black Slayers.
(d) Moredhel.

12. What is the order of command after Guy, if something happens to him?
(a) Amos Trask, Armand de Sevigny, and Brianna.
(b) Brianna, Amos Trask, and Armand de Sevigny.
(c) Prince Arutha, Armand de Sevigny, and Brianna.
(d) Amos Trask, Armand de Sevigny, and Prince Arutha.

13. What was Macros' name at birth?
(a) Loewe.
(b) Hawk.
(c) Lion.
(d) Falke.

14. What made the goblins and other invaders flee after they destroyed the southern gate at Sethanon?
(a) A dragon.
(b) Members of the Academy.
(c) Katala and the four magicians.
(d) Kingdom armies.

15. About how many miles a day can Arutha and his men travel as they leave Highcastle's garrison?
(a) 40-50 miles.
(b) 15-20 miles.
(c) 45 miles.
(d) 35-40 miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the light from the Lifestone?

2. When does Arutha want Highcastle's garrison to be evacuated?

3. What wound does Lord Highcastle sustain when he is in the hills above his advance position?

4. How old is Galain?

5. What color dragon does Ryath fight as she, Pug, and Tomas approach the Garden?

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