Objects & Places from A Darkness at Sethanon

Raymond E. Feist
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This is the former home of the Valheru; underneath this place is the Lifestone.


This is a magical item that was created by the Valheru.


This is an explosive found in mines under a city.


This is an object used to destroy the leader of the Moredhel.


The first battle with the leader of the Moredhel takes place here.


This is the home of a prince and princess, and it is where an attempted assassination occurs.

Oracle of Aal

This is a being that must have a host and that drives its hosts mad.

Armor of Ashen-Shugar

This object belonged to the Valheru and gives its wearer inhuman powers.


This is the home of Duke Martin.


This is where the Tsurani live and where the rift was that attracted the enemy.

Halls of the Dead

This is where the search...

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