Daily Lessons for Teaching A Darkness at Sethanon

Raymond E. Feist
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue- Chapter 2)


In the Prologue, the reader feels a sense of foreboding; in the beginning of Chapter 1, the reader senses a party atmosphere; and in Chapter 2, the reader senses danger. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the moods evoked in "A Darkness at Sethanon."


1) Research: Look up the term mood and write a definition. What does mood have to do with the emotions a reader feels while reading? What are some moods that a piece of literature might evoke? Could the same piece of literature cause different readers to experience different emotions while reading? Why or why not? Do the words the author chooses set a mood? Why or why not?

2) Class discussion: How does the nurse feel when the wind comes in through the window? Are the babies affected also? Why or why not? How does a young man feel when the wind blows...

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