A Darkness at Sethanon Fun Activities

Raymond E. Feist
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Arutha's Family Tree

Create a family tree for Arutha's family.

A Map of Midkemia

Make a map of the world described in "A Darkness at Sethanon."

Barrel Ball

With a group, play a game of barrel-ball.

The Shield of Tomas

Create a shield like Tomas would have carried.

Creatures of Midkemia

Create a poster that shows the different mythical or magical creatures that live on Midkemia such as the elves, moredhel, goblins, giants, and mountain trolls.

Dear Mr. Feist

Write a letter or email to the author explaining what you liked or did not like about the book.


Make a model catapult.

My Experiences at Armengar

Imagine that you were a child when Armengar was destroyed, and create an oral story that you would tell to your children and grandchildren. Tell the story to a group.

Character Comparison

Compare yourself to one of the characters in the...

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