A Darkness at Sethanon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Raymond E. Feist
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Prologue- Chapter 2

• A wind with an unnerving chill blows across Midkemia, encountering the people who will help end the Riftwar.

• The wind is quickly forgotten, except by those who know Marmandamus will attack again.

• When Prince Arutha's twin sons are presented, his trusted Senior Squire, Jimmy, and Jimmy's friend Squire Locklear stand at his side.

• During the festival that evening, Jimmy sees Alvay Quick, Daymaster of the Mocker, the Guild of Thieves.

• Quick tells Jimmy that Nighthawks, assassins commanded by Marmandamus, are in the city to kill Prince Arutha.
• Fearing for his family's safety, Arutha sends his wife and their children to her mother's with guards to protect them.

• Trevor Hull, a former pirate now in the Royal Customs Service, and his right hand man discuss the location of the Nighthawks.

• Jimmy is sent to find the Nighthawks' and locates their hideout in the sewers, and a man...

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