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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augusta lie to Lady Stalworthy about?
(a) She says Hugh's father was mentally ill.
(b) She says Hugh is a gambler.
(c) She says Hugh has had many women.
(d) She says Hugh wants Florence for her money.

2. Why does Hugh go with Micky and Edward to Nellie's?
(a) He hopes to find a woman there.
(b) They make him go.
(c) He is curious.
(d) They laugh at him when he says he won't go.

3. What does Albert Cammel's letter to Hugh reveal?
(a) That Edward drowned Peter.
(b) That Albert will testify against Edward.
(c) That Micky and Augusta have a deeper relationship.
(d) That Micky and Edward had been telling the truth about the drowning.

4. Why is Augusta having a tea party in Part I, Chapter 1?
(a) To keep Hugh from bettering himself.
(b) To get Joseph voted Senior Partner.
(c) To show off her new house.
(d) To get a loan for Micky's father.

5. Why are the boys in detention in the Prologue of the book?
(a) They were boisterous in class.
(b) They swam in the watering hole.
(c) One of them was insubordinate.
(d) Someone stole money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What correspondence is sent between Hugh and Florence in Part 1, Chapter 2?

2. Why does Samuel give in to Augusta's threats about his sexuality?

3. Why does Mr. Offerton send Hugh to the schoolmaster's office when he sees him in the courtyard in the Prologue?

4. What system does Hugh come up with at the bank to organize papers?

5. What does Augusta know as Samuel Pilaster's weakness?

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