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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When she returns home, Betty learns that _________________ slapped Polly.
(a) A wealthy woman.
(b) Jake.
(c) Lottie.
(d) The mailman.

2. Lottie recalls that her reason for getting married was ________________________.
(a) To escape her family.
(b) To move to a different city.
(c) Fear of being an old maid.
(d) Love for Charles.

3. What surprises Lottie about Betty?
(a) Betty wants to move away.
(b) Betty is a wonderful singer.
(c) Betty is Valedictorian of her class.
(d) Betty is in love with a boy in another town.

4. What does Trudy do with the dresser that Lottie gives her?
(a) Uses it for a TV stand.
(b) Stores out of season clothes in it.
(c) Puts canned goods in the drawers.
(d) Makes beds for the twins in the drawers.

5. Why does Betty worry about staying in Milk Farm Road?
(a) She'll never see a Broadway play.
(b) She thinks the water is contaminated.
(c) She will not find a husband.
(d) Her mother will be too dependent on her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Herman's letters fill Betty with __________________.

2. When does Polly think Lottie should be notified that Betty is in labor?

3. Betty decides to deliver her baby _____________________.

4. Betty goes into labor two days after which holiday?

5. What is the W.P.A.?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Herman's enthusiasm for going to war show about him?

2. What are the two major revelations for Betty when she visits Stanton in the hospital?

3. Who is Herman Randolph and what is his relationship to Betty?

4. What lessons does Trudy teach Betty regarding parenting?

5. Describe the trip to Ireland for Lottie and why does she bring Bridget back to Kentucky?

6. Why is Lottie apprehensive about Betty's getting married?

7. Why does Lottie advise Betty to marry Herman before he goes to war?

8. Describe the frantic day when Betty gives birth to her daughter.

9. Who are the Dionne quintuplets?

10. How has Lottie and Betty's relationship matured since Charles' death?

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