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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19 and Postscript.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What consumes Herman's thoughts during the honeymoon?
(a) Going to war.
(b) Building a house.
(c) Getting a job.
(d) Having a baby.

2. Betty requests that her _______________ be a modest event.
(a) Baby shower.
(b) Birthday.
(c) Anniversary.
(d) Baby's delivery.

3. Lottie comments that "Anytime somebody's not looking after themselves, ________________________."
(a) It becomes your business.
(b) It's their own fault.
(c) A big change is coming.
(d) It shows a depressed state of mind.

4. Which politician is mentioned for his affiliation with Louisiana?
(a) Hubert Humphrey.
(b) Huey Long.
(c) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
(d) Bill Clinton.

5. What do women in the community often ask Lottie?
(a) If she will ever remarry.
(b) If she will teach them to quilt.
(c) If she will open a restaurant.
(d) If she will run for mayor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Franklin D. Roosevelt's national recovery programs called?

2. In what state does A CURE FOR DREAMS begin?

3. Charles attributes Lottie's family's hardships to _____________________.

4. From what state has the woman in #55 moved?

5. Where do Betty and Herman go after their honeymoon?

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