A Cure for Dreams: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Lottie O'Cadhain Davies

Born just after the turn of the century in southeastern Kentucky, she is the main subject of the narrator's story.

Betty Davies Randolph

As the story's narrator, she is a great storyteller since her expressions are unforgettable and they capture the way people speak and think on Milk Farm Road.

Trudy Woodlief

This woman arrives from out of town and immediately demands credit at the local store.

Polly Deal

This black woman is one of the main subject's closest friends and is also the local midwife.

Charles Davies

This man comes from a Quaker family. He marries the narrator and moves with her from Kentucky to North Carolina.

Bridget O'Cadhain

This is the main character's cantankerous mother who, despite living almost all her life in America, never learns English.

Sade Dupin

This close friend of the main subject kills her husband and relies on the...

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