Daily Lessons for Teaching A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917

Amy Ephron
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Objective: Rosemary decides that helping Eleanor is an act of altruism. Although Eleanor initially refuses the help, Rosemary insists. Learn about altruism, the basis for good deeds, and common outcomes.

1. Define altruism. What is altruism? Why does Rosemary feel that her actions toward Eleanor are altruistic? Do you agree? How does Eleanor react? Is she grateful or embarrassed? What does Rosemary hope will come out of the act? How would you react in Rosemary's place? How might you react in Eleanor's place?

2. There is a saying that "no good deed goes unpunished." What does this mean? Did Rosemary do a good deed? Explain her actions. How might Rosemary's good deeds be punished? Examine the use of foreshadowing to determine how Eleanor might be unkind to Rosemary despite her good deeds.

3. Learn about the Good Samaritan. Who was he? What is a Good Samaritan? What types of things...

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