A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Amy Ephron
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Pages 1-29

• A young woman stands in the rain.

• The reader is introduced to Rosemary, a wealthy woman.

• Rosemary shops at an antique store.

• Rosemary buys flowers.

• Rosemary meets Eleanor.

• Eleanor asks for money for tea.

• Rosemary invites Eleanor to her home.

• Rosemary and Eleanor go to Rosemary's house.

• Gertrude brings tea and sandwiches.

• Jane Howard arrives.

• Philip arrives.

• Both Jane and Philip question Rosemary's choice to invite Eleanor to the house.

• Eleanor leaves.

Pages 30-61

• Jane runs after Eleanor.

• Jane tells Eleanor that her friend Dora will give her a job.

• Eleanor is ambivalent about the offer.

• Eleanor applies for a job and is hired.

• Eleanor finds a place to live.

• Eleanor meets Josie.

• Philip tells Rosemary that the war will soon take him overseas.

• Rosemary visits with her father.

• Rosemary and Philip's wedding is moved forward.

• Philip will be deployed two days after the wedding.

• Eleanor...

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