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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Hattie want to go instead of staying home while her parents are at Nana and Papa's dinner party?

2. At the funeral, Hattie says that being called a freak and other names _____________________.

3. What does Hattie eventually realize about Adam's hysterics at the carnival?

4. What does Adam say he is planning with Leila?

5. Where does Hattie say she is going as she leaves Nana's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Adam's day at the carnival with Hattie and Leila.

2. Who are the Strowskys, and how does Hattie meet them?

3. How does Adam disrupt lunch by abusing the buzzer and creating a scene?

4. Who is Leila and how does Hattie meet her?

5. What perspective does Leila give Hattie about sideshow performers?

6. How does Hattie show empathy when she decides not to view the sideshows at the carnival again?

7. How does Hattie include Adam in the plans for the evening of Nana and Papa's dinner party?

8. Why does Hattie think that she was not a good friend to Leila?

9. What does Hattie think about Adam's thoughts on her "corner of the universe"?

10. How does Adam react on the Ferris Wheel ride?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the significance of the book's title. What does the author mean by calling it simply "A Corner of the Universe"? What is she trying to emphasize with this emphatic style? Suggest three alternate titles for this book with supporting rationale for each one.

Essay Topic 2

Create a brief character study of Adam. What did he look like? What were his positive personality traits? What were his dreams and fears? What was most valuable to him in his world?

Essay Topic 3

Ann M. Martin is a master at dramatic devices. Choose an example of symbolism, metaphor, and irony, and briefly describe them and identify the technique which they embody.

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