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1. What is Hattie Owen doing as the story begins?

As the story opens, Hattie Owen is in her home. Her parents have gone out for the evening, but she isn't alone because the family operates a boarding house and Mr. Penny and Miss Hagerty are both upstairs. Hattie is watching home movies. She's pleased that her father trusted her to do everything, from setting up the screen to feeding the reels of film through the projector.

2. What does Hattie mean when she says "before Adam" or "after Adam"?

Hattie says that she turned twelve the previous summer and that she will forever look at that summer as a turning point in her life because of Adam. She says that she dates things as "before Adam" or "after Adam".

3. Which three residents live in the Owens' boardinghouse, and how are they introduced to the story?

As the movie begins to play, Hattie sees Angel Valentine, who was also a boarder over the summer when Adam came. Angel is standing on the front porch of the boarding house, waving toward the camera as most people do when Hattie's dad begins filming. In the movie, Angel is joined by Mr. Penny and Miss Hagerty.

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