A Corner of the Universe Character Descriptions

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Hattie Owen - She is an intelligent, independent girl who doesn't know her uncle exists until just before her twelfth birthday.

Adam Mercer - He has mental challenges and is unable to control impulsive behavior, often acting in ways that are childishly inappropriate for social occasions.

Jonathan Owen - He is an artist and very much a free spirit and teaches his daughter to be creative.

Dorothy Owen - She is torn between the need to please her mother by giving in to her demands and the need to live as she sees best.

Hayden Mercer - He is a strong character and is driven by the need to be accepted socially.

Harriett Mercer - She is a domineering character who refuses to bend and expects to get her way.

Mr. Penny - He is a former clockmaker and has lived in the Owens' boardinghouse for many...

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