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Chapters 1 through 4

• As the story opens, Hattie Owen is in her parents' boardinghouse watching home movies.

• Hattie says that she turned twelve the previous Summer, and that she will always look at that Summer as a turning point in her life because of Adam.

• The movie captures images of Angel Valentine, Mr. Penny and Miss Hagerty, boarders with the Owen family.

• Also in the movie are Hattie's maternal grandparents, Nana and Papa, who are joined by Adam who refuses to look at the camera or smile.
• Chapter 1 begins a flashback to last Summer and Hattie's first day of Summer vacation.

• Hattie is up early and takes a breakfast tray to Miss Hagerty who is over eighty but does not want anyone else to see her without make-up.

• The cook for the boardinghouse, Cookie, arrives and compliments Hattie on being so industrious.

• Hattie says that Miss Hagerty is just...

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