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John Kennedy Toole
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose ineptitude does Ignatius criticize?
(a) The photographer's
(b) The journalist's
(c) Lana Lee's
(d) Jones'

2. Who does Ignatius want to confound?
(a) Claude
(b) His mother
(c) Myrna
(d) CLyde

3. Where does Jones fear he will end up?
(a) Ghana
(b) Angola
(c) Kenya
(d) England

4. How long has it taken Myrna to drive to New Orleans?
(a) 12 hours
(b) 25 hours
(c) 18 hours
(d) 36 hours

5. Who does Ignatius ask Myrna to recruit for a new political party?
(a) Children
(b) Fascists
(c) Sodomites
(d) Comedians

6. What does Ignatius say he would have preferred to rent?
(a) The Senate
(b) A bar
(c) A townhall
(d) An American Legion Hall

7. What will Mancuso happy now that he is a hero?
(a) He will get married.
(b) He will be a celebrity.
(c) He will retire.
(d) He will be promoted.

8. What passes them as they drive away?
(a) Claude's car
(b) A police car
(c) A car full of gangsters
(d) A Charity ambulance

9. When will Ignatius arrive back home?
(a) Late afternoon
(b) Midnight
(c) In two days
(d) Early evening

10. Ignatius thinks Irene has fallen under the influence of _________.
(a) Communists
(b) Liberal activists
(c) The Green Party
(d) A right-wing fringe group

11. What item of Dorian's clothing does Ignatius ruin?
(a) His hat
(b) His trousers
(c) His shoes
(d) His sweater

12. Where does Irene suggest Ignatius rests?
(a) Charity
(b) England
(c) Home
(d) Florida

13. From whom has Ignatius had complaints?
(a) His family
(b) Local businesses
(c) The board of health
(d) The hot dog vendor association

14. Who would Jones like to find?
(a) The freak in the green hat
(b) The comedian who stole his watch
(c) The old women with the grey eyes
(d) The blonde with the long legs

15. Who does George want to visit on the coast?
(a) His brother
(b) His aunt
(c) His uncle
(d) His father

Short Answer Questions

1. Who knocks at the door?

2. Whose new film do the women discuss?

3. What does Annie vow to do when she sees the newspaper?

4. What would Ignatius prefer to a psychiatric ward?

5. What is Claude's surname?

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