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John Kennedy Toole
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ignatius calm himself down after an argument with George?
(a) Goes to the toilet
(b) Takes deep breathes
(c) Cries
(d) Eats a hotdog

2. How much money does the building owner want for repairs?
(a) $2000
(b) $1,020
(c) $550
(d) $765

3. What has Ignatuis' only post-college job been?
(a) A baker
(b) A library clerk
(c) A butcher
(d) A shop assistant

4. What does Irene want Ignatuis to do the following day?
(a) Do the washing up
(b) Be nice to her
(c) Find a job
(d) Write a story

5. What will happen to Mancuso if he fails?
(a) He will have to retire.
(b) He will be relegated to office work.
(c) His wages will be slashed.
(d) He will be thrown off the police force.

6. When is the only time George can visit the bar?
(a) At closing time
(b) At midnight
(c) The half hour Jones is at lunch
(d) Between 7am and 8 am

7. What does Miss Trixie like to hoard?
(a) Pencils
(b) Telephone books
(c) Sandwiches
(d) Sweets

8. Who does Jones see being beaten up?
(a) A man wearing a green hat
(b) A man with a red beard
(c) Ignatuis
(d) A woman in a suit

9. What does Irene have to do to get Ignatuis to open his bedroom door?
(a) Scream
(b) Throw herself down the stairs
(c) Make an egg sandwich
(d) Throw herself at his door

10. Why does Jones want to look like the men in Life magazine?
(a) They are cool and rich.
(b) They have big muscles.
(c) They have lots of women.
(d) They are intelligent.

11. Which of the following characters asks Ignatius for a hot dog?
(a) Irene
(b) George
(c) Lana
(d) Doian

12. On what street is Night of Joy situated?
(a) Cadbury's Street
(b) Bourbon Street
(c) Wall Street
(d) Hesky Avenue

13. How much does Gonzales offer Ignatius?
(a) $20 a day
(b) $60 a week
(c) $50 a week
(d) $85 a day

14. What does Rota Fortunzh mean?
(a) Wheel of fortune
(b) An attack of fortune
(c) Job rota
(d) Soldier of fortune

15. What is Mryna's surname?
(a) Fredo
(b) Onegin
(c) Minkoff
(d) Phillips

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Lana pay Jones per week?

2. What ad does Irene demand he answer?

3. What is Myrna's native city?

4. What kind of lecture does Myrna's poster advertise?

5. What does Claude Robichaux call the policeman?

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