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John Kennedy Toole
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jones think would happen to him if he called an officer a Communist?
(a) He would be on death row.
(b) He would be sent to Angola.
(c) He would be tortured.
(d) He would be sent to Siberia.

2. How does Ignatius try to win the worker's confidence?
(a) He dances.
(b) He sings.
(c) He organizes a game of baseball.
(d) He tells them he is a Communist.

3. What is the only thing Mancuso manages to catch?
(a) A shop lifter
(b) A cold
(c) A stray dog
(d) A trout

4. Who tells Ignatius to stop singing?
(a) Santa
(b) Annie
(c) Irene
(d) Dorian

5. Of what book does the factory remind Ignatuis?
(a) Heart of Darkness
(b) LA Confidential
(c) Crime and Punishment
(d) The Plague

6. What is the title of Ignatius' new project?
(a) Reordering Files and Arranging Lives
(b) Work, Fascism and Punishment
(c) The Journal of Communist
(d) The Journal of a Working Boy

7. What is the name of the Night Joy Bar owner?
(a) Irene
(b) Jones
(c) Darlene
(d) Lana Lee

8. What does Irene say her son has done since leaving college?
(a) Written a novel
(b) Watched television
(c) Laid in bed
(d) Worked in macdonalds

9. Who wrote The Consolation of Philosophy?
(a) Boethuis
(b) Mancuso
(c) Ignatuis
(d) Hail Mark

10. Whose complexes does the psychoanalyst cure?
(a) Lenny
(b) Susan
(c) Miss Trixie
(d) Sandra

11. What collapses when the Reillys crash into a building?
(a) A wall
(b) A gargolye
(c) A balcony
(d) A pillar

12. Why does Mrs. Levy not want Trixie to retire?
(a) She is too young.
(b) It will kill her.
(c) The company would fail without her.
(d) She is a family friend.

13. With what name does Ignatius sign his journal?
(a) Dippy
(b) Frank
(c) Jacob
(d) Darryl

14. Who does Claude meet in the precinct?
(a) Jones
(b) Hicks
(c) Smith
(d) Franklin

15. What is devouring the Abelman's Dry Goods folder?
(a) A mouse
(b) A cat
(c) A rat
(d) A dog

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money does the building owner want for repairs?

2. Mrs. Levy thinks her husband has drained her of ___________.

3. How much does Lana pay Jones per week?

4. Who pays for Myrna's education?

5. How much time does Ignatius spend in college?

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