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John Kennedy Toole
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long has Gozales worked at Levy Pants?
(a) 20 years
(b) 2 months
(c) 15 years
(d) 1 week

2. Which of the following characters asks Ignatius for a hot dog?
(a) George
(b) Lana
(c) Doian
(d) Irene

3. What does Darlene want to do at the bar?
(a) Serve breakfast
(b) Dance
(c) Opena children's play area
(d) Cook food

4. Who tells Ignatius to stop singing?
(a) Santa
(b) Dorian
(c) Irene
(d) Annie

5. What is devouring the Abelman's Dry Goods folder?
(a) A dog
(b) A cat
(c) A mouse
(d) A rat

6. What ad does Irene demand he answer?
(a) Coca Cola
(b) A private eye
(c) Levy Pants
(d) Legal secretary

7. Mrs. Levy thinks her husband has drained her of ___________.
(a) Warmth and idealism
(b) Life energy
(c) Love
(d) Humor and purpose

8. What has Ignatuis' only post-college job been?
(a) A butcher
(b) A library clerk
(c) A shop assistant
(d) A baker

9. What is the name of the bar the Reillys enter?
(a) The Night of Joy Bar
(b) The Night of the Iguana
(c) The Lipo Junction
(d) The Joy Boy Bar

10. How much does Gonzales offer Ignatius?
(a) $60 a week
(b) $20 a day
(c) $85 a day
(d) $50 a week

11. What does Claude Robichaux call the policeman?
(a) A fool
(b) A Communist
(c) A Fascist
(d) A queer

12. What is the name of Mr. Watson's bar?
(a) Infidelious
(b) The Luck Barn
(c) Matties's Ramble Inn
(d) Watson's Friendly Inn

13. How much money does the building owner want for repairs?
(a) $1,020
(b) $765
(c) $550
(d) $2000

14. Who does Claude meet in the precinct?
(a) Franklin
(b) Hicks
(c) Smith
(d) Jones

15. What does Jones think would happen to him if he called an officer a Communist?
(a) He would be sent to Siberia.
(b) He would be tortured.
(c) He would be sent to Angola.
(d) He would be on death row.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Myrna's native city?

2. What is the color of Mancuso's false beard?

3. What is the name of the Levy Pants owner?

4. What is the only thing that Gus Levy is interested in doing?

5. How much does Ignatius raise Gonzales by per day?

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