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John Kennedy Toole
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ignatius scream at the movie screen?
(a) Garbage!
(b) Lovely ladies!
(c) Critiques of the film
(d) Boo and hooray

2. What is the name of the dandy they meet in the bar?
(a) Oscar Milde
(b) Dorian Gray
(c) Dorian Greene
(d) Lordy

3. To what song does Darlene dance?
(a) Strangers in paradise
(b) Cold, Cold Heart
(c) Hound Dog
(d) Baby, We Are Really in Love

4. How long does Ignatius doodle in this chapter?
(a) 45 minutes
(b) 60 minutes
(c) 17 minutes
(d) 30 minutes

5. Which two characters chained Timmy to the wall?
(a) Davis and Jack
(b) Frankie and Johnny
(c) Billy and Raoul
(d) Fred and Ginger

Short Answer Questions

1. What else does Mr Watson sell in his bar?

2. What does Clyde hold at Ignatius' throat?

3. What does Miss Trixie like to hoard?

4. What does the sign Ignatius has hung outside say?

5. What two colors does Ignatuis state his eyes are?

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