A Confederacy of Dunces Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

John Kennedy Toole
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Mr Watson sell in his bar?
(a) Drugs
(b) Groceries
(c) Apples Pies
(d) Sunglasses

2. What does Sana say she does not trust?
(a) Police
(b) Comedians
(c) Communists
(d) Inspirational literature

3. What does Irene have to do to get Ignatuis to open his bedroom door?
(a) Throw herself at his door
(b) Scream
(c) Throw herself down the stairs
(d) Make an egg sandwich

4. What does Myrna say will open Ignatius' valve?
(a) Going to New York
(b) Making love
(c) Getting out of the house
(d) Falling in love

5. Who would Jones like to find?
(a) The freak in the green hat
(b) The blonde with the long legs
(c) The old women with the grey eyes
(d) The comedian who stole his watch

Short Answer Questions

1. What is devouring the Abelman's Dry Goods folder?

2. What does the sign Ignatius has hung outside say?

3. What does Ignatius refuse to wear?

4. With what color does Dorian decorate his building?

5. What does Mrs Levy do to Trixie when she threatens to leave?

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