Objects & Places from A Coney Island of the Mind, Poems

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Object Descriptions

Goya's Paintings - These objects depict people of the world at the moment when they attain the title of suffering humanity.

Straits of Demos - This is where the poet sees symbolic birds and realizes the similarities between American democracy and original Greek democracy.

Parchments - These lie around the Dead Sea as proof that Jesus Christ is the son of God, but they are not found until 1947.

Tree - This is the cross that Jesus Christ is stretched on and from where he does not come down.

Statue of Saint Francis - This is erected in front of a church in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park - This is where the man and wife walk through.

Morris Graves - This is a wounded wilderness that is not the same since white man found it.

The Horse with the Violin in Mouth - This is Chagall's painting...

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