A Coney Island of the Mind, Poems Character Descriptions

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti

This is the poet, author, and narrator of this collection of poems.


This is depicted by the author as sufferers in the world throughout the ages.


This character climbs down from the bare tree and runs away from the materialist Christmas.

Man and Wife

These characters walk through Golden Gate Park.

Miss Subways

This character has fifty-cent size cotton plugs in her flat black nose, cut up golden arms, and a black weed in her black hand.

Widder Fogliani

This character has whiskers on her soul. She secretly gives a Christmas goose to a stray Cellini.


This figure paints "The Horse with Violin in Mouth" against his mother's admonishments.


This figure does not hate cops, but he has no use for them. He is not afraid of Congressman Doyle, but he is afraid of Coif's Tower.


This is a sculptor of...

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