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Chapter 1, A Coney Island of the Mind

• In the first poem, Goya's scenes represent suffering humanity as if the people in the paintings still exist, and they do although they are changed.

• The second poem expresses surprise at the similarities between the original Greek and the modern American democracies.

• The third poem argues that the poet's eye sees the surface of the world's materialism and the immigrant's dream come "too true."
• Poem four depicts a bomb catching the president at his prayers as Nagasaki survivors and lost teacups full of ashes float past.

• In poem five, a carpenter from Galilee claims to be God's son, stating the proof lies on parchments located around the Dead Sea; they stretch him on a tree and call him down, but he does not come down.

• In poem six, a statue of Saint Francis is erected in front of the church of...

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