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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dickens is against trade _______.
(a) Unionism.
(b) Collusion.
(c) Monopolies.
(d) Embargoes.

2. Who is Bingo?
(a) The smallest student.
(b) The headmistress.
(c) The physical education teacher.
(d) The school nurse.

3. Dickens writes from what point of view?
(a) Rich.
(b) Poor.
(c) Abstract.
(d) Bourgeois.

4. Dickens was considered a social _______.
(a) Survivor.
(b) Elitist.
(c) Reforms.
(d) Radical.

5. With what accent do all of Dickens's heroes speak?
(a) Slums.
(b) Dock worker.
(c) Middle-class.
(d) Upper-class.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kipling feels that suppressing and controlling native people is what?

2. The Raffles stories glamorize what?

3. Orwell says that using bad English is what?

4. Dickens believes that society's ills are partially due to what?

5. What is one of the common writing errors that Orwell points out in his essay?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Orwell believe that Dickens is a moral writer, and not a political writer?

2. What, according to Orwell, do the various deficiencies in Dickens's novels lead a person to conclude?

3. Describe Orwell's Sancho Panza view of life?

4. Why is bad English an excellent vehicle for political speech?

5. What do nearly all reviewers of Dickens's work agree on?

6. What, according to the headmaster, is Orwell's only function at the school?

7. Why is Orwell hated in Moulmein?

8. Why did Kipling's poetry resonate with middle-class readers?

9. What happens when Raffles is caught in the strange circumstances?

10. Why does Orwell not consider Dickens a revolutionary writer?

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