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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orwell believes that children have no sense of ______ and therefore cannot judge things for what they are.
(a) Continuity.
(b) Self-awareness.
(c) History.
(d) Proportion.

2. Who delivers the beatings to Orwell for wetting his bed?
(a) The headmaster.
(b) The dean.
(c) The resident advisor.
(d) The principal.

3. Under the philosophy of the school, obscene displays of wealth are indicative of what?
(a) Moral goodness.
(b) Redemption and power.
(c) Social superiority.
(d) Happiness.

4. How many cartridges does Orwell get with his elephant rifle?
(a) Eight.
(b) Seven.
(c) Six,
(d) Five.

5. The McGill postcards say that no marriage is what?
(a) Argument-free.
(b) Happy.
(c) Valid.
(d) Complete.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Raffles stories glamorize what?

2. Orwell says that Dickens never wrote of what?

3. Kipling believes that there is what type of law, that he considers morally right?

4. Dickens did not write about what?

5. The premise of "No Orchids for Miss Blandish" is that everyone seeks to increase what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are the Raffles novels and "No Orchids for Miss Blandish" similar?

2. What does Orwell announce after his first beating?

3. What is Orwell's intention when he leaves his station to look for the elephant?

4. What did Kipling's romantic ideas about England and the Empire result in?

5. Why does Orwell refer to Kipling's poetry as "good bad poetry"?

6. What, according to Orwell, do the various deficiencies in Dickens's novels lead a person to conclude?

7. What does Orwell believe, contrary to public opinion, that corporal punishment does?

8. What do nearly all reviewers of Dickens's work agree on?

9. What describes the purpose of the semi-illicit postcards most newsstands carry?

10. What are the common writing errors that Orwell enumerates in his "Politics and the English Language" essay?

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