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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Looking Back on the Spanish War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Orwell send to get an elephant rifle before he goes looking for the elephant?
(a) His aide de camp.
(b) His bodyguard.
(c) A local boy.
(d) A local man.

2. Why does Orwell shoot the elephant?
(a) It ran at him.
(b) It was clearly wild.
(c) He was in danger.
(d) Peer pressure.

3. How did the British feel about Gandhi?
(a) They honored him.
(b) They favored him.
(c) They feared him.
(d) They respected him.

4. What is the name for an entire phrase that stands for single words?
(a) False operators.
(b) Summary words.
(c) Summary phrases.
(d) Small operators.

5. Who delivers the beatings to Orwell for wetting his bed?
(a) The headmaster.
(b) The resident advisor.
(c) The dean.
(d) The principal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orwell says that using bad English is what?

2. Orwell believes that automatic and uncritical thought does what to language?

3. Dickens focuses on the institutions of what?

4. Non-objective truth, according to Orwell, is a diagnostic symptom of what?

5. Orwell says that Dickens never wrote of what?

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